Mar 8, 2003

This isn't news, but...

I am in the midst of a game of Trivial Pursuit with my heterosexual life partner, Silent Gina. Our Saturday nights are very exciting.

Well, they ARE, because I just landed on pink ("entertainment") and got the following question:

"Which Canadian comedy troupe introduced us to such characters as Mr Heavyfoot, Buddy Cole and the Chicken Lady?"

I was very excited.

Back to the game. So far it's 0 to 0, but we're just getting started.

- posted by Tavie : 8:51 PM


Mar 7, 2003

Just came across this interview with Don McKellar, talking about a new series on the Comedy Network called Odd Job Jack.

Besides McKellar, the show features the guest voices of a number of other well-known Canadians.

"There'll be Dave Foley and Gary Farmer -- actually great, great guest stars," McKellar says.
The website, accessible from, will have all-new content each week to go with each episode.

Read the rest here.

- posted by Justine : 10:36 PM


I got a tip from my friend Jess about a tour of a show called The Other Network, which presents unaired pilots made by some really funny guys. On their web site, they list Dave as one of the "on screen talents". Speculation may lead us to believe that perhaps one of Dave's unaired pilots (that "Peter Fuddy" one comes to mind) may be featured. On Uncabaret's web page there is no mention of Dave, but who knows!

And they're coming to my town next month. Maybe I'll take a look-see.

- posted by Tavie : 2:41 PM


Mar 6, 2003

here's an email i got that serves as a little reminder for this. (now, this is a canadian channel, and not the abc [ex-fox] family channel. )

Now, i'm not one for finding information about things, but i came upon this little Mark-thing, that you may or may not want to put into you're blog there, it says that Mark will be on an episode of "Mentors" on Family Channel on Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. ET/PT and will play legendary film director Mack Sennett. SO, remember to check you're calenders. Or if you can't afford a calender, you know, uh, write it down somewehre. You know, that's unless you can't find a piece of paper, then i guess you'll have to just make a mental note of it. Or carve it into you're hand with a Bowie knife or any razor-sharp household object. A fork could do the job but its more of a workout. Sure it will be painful but i guarantee you will not forget.

- posted by sarah : 2:04 PM


Mar 4, 2003

nbc'll be reairing the episode of conan with kevin (and craig) on 3/21. woot!

- posted by sarah : 9:49 AM


Mar 3, 2003

Here is an article about the "The 2002 Interactive Achievement awards show" in which Dave Hosted.

- posted by Justine : 9:49 PM


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