Feb 15, 2003

Kitana posted the following update to our Mark site:

Mark's making a movie with Guy Maddin and Isabella Rossellini!! Go here for details about the film, The Saddest Music in the World, a call for extras (if you live in Winnipeg), and the Prairie Crop Gala Mark's hosting at the CBC's Winnipeg Comedy Festival!

Read Mark's festival bio; I especially enjoyed this part:

Mark has received several awards over the years, including six Geminis and 316 votes on the internet for being the best man alive.

You can buy tickets here... and report back about the show, you lucky festival-attending bastards! :)

(Also, here's a tip: CBC Radio One tends to air this stuff, be it as a series or on other shows like Definintely Not the Opera. Stay tuned for Mark's hosting gig over the next year?)


first of all, it seems Dave Foley is going to be involved in a new Mike Myers / Jay Roach project that will apparently "splice" Myers into scenes from classic movies.... the article is from Entertainment Weekly
also, found this article about Mark McKinney and a new film project....enjoy!


Feb 14, 2003

See the screenshots I took from the Tour of Duty DVD.

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Feb 11, 2003

this is my first post... YAY! anyway, according to comedycentral.com, Scott Thompson's PULP COMICS is going to be on March 2nd @ 2:30 am ET.... so if you haven't ever seen it before (and even those of you that have) set your VCRs and enjoy!


Feb 9, 2003

i just tossed up a transcript of dave on the today show right here for those that missed it.

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According to Brucio.com, Bruce's Drunk Baby Project # 7 on the Canadian college charts!

Go to his news section to see some praise. Yay Bruce!


if you don't know; craig will be on city tv's breakfast television monday morning... hopefully some kind people will tape it ...

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got more!

Kids in the Hall joker Mark McKinney stars in a brand new episode of Mentors as - what else? - a comedian!

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here's an article that kyle (newest member of the kithblog) emailed to me: Journal Gazette | 02/07/2003 | 'Kids' grow up, but reunite for show

and a gal named laura emailed me this one: 'The Kids in the Hall' come back laughing

thanks, spies! :) (as always, if you would like to join the team and/or contribute anything, my email's at the right)

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with tripod's consistant booting of this page due to all the traffic, i have a question to ask of you guys, if you would be so kind as to take a coule seconds and answer. :)

would you be willing to donate $ to assist in moving this site to an actual domain (.org, .net, etc.) ?


Free polls from Pollhost.com

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