Feb 16, 2002

Scott sings? With Bellini!

Scott can be heard singing lead vocals in the song, "Me on My Off Hours" on Paul Bellini's fantastic new album, Put Paul First. He co-wrote the lyrics, as well as "Tactile," with Paul. Wanna hear 'em? Go to paulbellini.com. If you're planning to buy, hop to it-- the disc is in "limited quantities."

Also, while you're at it-- make sure you scroll down and check out the new (tentative) KITH tour dates!!!

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Scott on Star TV!

A month to the day of Mark's Star Close-Up, check out the one on Scott!

March 20th
Star Close-Up: Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson: he came by STAR! for an interview with Maggie Cassella about his controversial stage play The Lowest Show On Earth; the past and future of The Kids In The Hall; why he hates L.A.; why Canadian comedy audiences are the best - includes archival footage and interviews with fellow KITH Bruce McCulloch & Mark McKinney.

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scott in alanis video

yes, this isn't exactly breaking news, but hey, this blog is new. we have catching up to do. scott can be seen in the new alanis morissette video, which can be seen here.

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(ghost-posting for steph)

There will be a Star! Close-Up: Mark McKinney on Star TV this Wednesday at 8:30 PM.

February 20th
Star Close-Up: Mark McKinney
Former Kid In The Hall Mark McKinney dropped by STAR! recently to talk to Larysa Harapyn about his role in the stage play Fully Committed in which he played 40 characters; his film roles in Dog Park, Superstar, Spice World and New Waterford Girl; the history and future of The Kids In The Hall; and how his "diplomatic brat" upbringing led him to a life in show business. Includes archival footage, film & TV clips, interviews with fellow KITH Bruce McCulloch & Scott Thompson.

The review from Globe Television:

Reporter Larysa Harapyn's interview with former Kids in the Hall star Mark McKinney isn't exactly on par with those done by James Lipton of Inside the Actors Studio. Her questions probe no deeper than McKinney's Internet Movie Database bio (and with a coffee in hand, it looks like he needed the caffeine to stay awake), but if you're a fan, or just enjoyed his one-man show Fully Committed, it's fin to watch McKinney go on. The best bits in this half hour are old clips of McKinney accosting strangers in the street.

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Feb 15, 2002

OVOR has made contact. Here are the TENTATIVE tour dates for the tour. Please note that these are TENTATIVE and SUBJECT TO CHANGE. More info will be shared when it becomes available. OVOR loves the fans and wants us to know details, but does not want to mislead anyone with not-yet-written-in-stone-facts!
Here they are:

March 28: Shea's Buffalo, NY
March 29: Landmark Syracuse, NY
March 30: Centennial Hall London, Ontario, CANADA
March 31: National Arts Centre Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
April 1: Canon Theatre Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
April 5: Forum Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
April 6: Harbour Station St. John, New Brunswick, CANADA
April 9: Orpheum Boston, MA
April 12: Memorial Hall Burlington, VT
April 13: Tower Theatre Philadelphia, PA
April 14: Beacon Theatre New York, NY
April 17: State Theatre Cleveland, OH
April 18: Rosemont Chicago, IL
April 19: Riverside Milwaukee, WI
April 20: Pageant St. Louis, MO
April 25: Memorial Hall Kansas City, MO
April 26: Bronco Bowl Dallas, TX
April 27: The Backyard Austin, TX
April 28: Verizon Houston, TX
May 1: State Theatre Minneapolis, MN
May 3: Walker Theatre Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
May 9: Northlands Park/Agricom Hall D Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
May 11: Skyreach Palace Kelowna, B.C., CANADA
May 12: Queen Elizabeth Vancouver, B.C., CANADA
May 14: Paramount Seattle, WA
May 17: Wiltern Theater Los Angeles, CA
May 19: Warfield Theater San Francisco, CA
May 22: Copley Symphony Hall San Diego, CA
May 24: Symphony Hall Phoenix, AZ
May 25: Hard Rock Las Vegas, NV

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(From TV Guide Online)
Politically Incorrect
30 min.
Jerry Springer; Dave Foley; author Dinesh D'Souza. Bill Maher hosts.

Wednesday, February 20,2002 12:05 AM (ABC)

i can't remember if this is a repeat or not...whateva

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Mark is mentioned briefly in this week's Time Out New York for his role as script consultant in Scooby-Doo: Stagefright!, which comes to New York next week.

(The blurb states that it should be better than normal kid's fare because Kids in the Hall's Mark McKinney was script consultant. Aw yeah.)

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Feb 13, 2002

(from lynn)

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archives and permalinks should be working...

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Feb 11, 2002

Dave's episode of Just Shoot Me is on Thursday, March 7, NBC, 9:30/8:30.

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Feb 10, 2002

News of the immediate variety:

Uncle Sadaam, a satirical look at Sadaam Hussein's dictatorship, features the narration of Scott Thompson. The film was directed by Scott's ex-boyfriend, Joel Soler. It's an interesting film, and believe me, it manages to be incisively funny and critical of Hussein's regime and the world community-at-large, while treating the all-too-real problems of the Iraqi people with sensitivity. Don't miss this film. CBC Newsworld's documentary show, The Passionate Eye will be airing it this week. Here are the airdates and times from TV Guide Canada:

Mon 11/02/2002 10:00PM
Tue 12/02/2002 1:00AM

I'm told (by our sarah) that this is NOT the same as Newsworld International, a channel available on some U.S. digital cable subscriptions. Sorry, folks.

News of the not-so-immediate variety:

Toothpaste, a hilarious 'domestic opera' featuring Mark McKinney and Barbara Hannigan recently aired on Bravo Canada. However, if you missed it, and you live in the Toronto area, you have a chance to see it again! On the big screen, no less! The Bloor Cinema is playing all of Bravo's SHORT CUTS short films throughout the month of February before selected features. Toothpaste will be shown before screenings of Ocean's Eleven on the following dates:

Feb. 23 @ 9:00 pm
Feb. 24 @ 4:30, 9:00 pm

What's that, you say? You don't live in the Toronto area? Well, you can still see this film -- including extras and Dan Redican's commentary! -- thanks to the fine folks at Electric Leisureland. Enjoy!

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