Jun 14, 2006

UPDATED 10/11/06: They've gotten great feedback, thanks to everyone who contacted them! They've had more than enough responses so please don't email them anymore!

New Canadian channel is looking for KITH fans

I got an email from a tv producer, Jennifer, who's looking for Kids in the Hall fans to appear in an episode of a series that focuses on fans of different tv shows:

Are you a huge Kids in the Hall fan? Fanatical Productions Inc. is producing a 26-part documentary-style series about the world’s top television fans. We’re looking to track down the most ardent TV enthusiasts and bring them into the spotlight, shedding light on what makes a TV fan tick. Each episode will focus on a different program- everything from Twin Peaks to The Simpson, and of course Kids in the Hall - and will feature 2-3 fans of the program from Canada and the US. We’re looking to explore the program through the eyes of the fans. Do you have a big collection: memorabilia, autographs, books, etc, do you know the show inside and out: quotes, trivia, etc, then you may be right for our series.

The show is looking to explore why certain people collect, why they love the show, how collecting and watching the show makes them feel, the social impact of the program, what their friends and family think, and the culture of fandom (different shows express their fandom differently (look at Sex & the City fans and then at Star Trek fans).

Upbeat and respectful, FANatical is a visually captivating and sensory stimulating series that delves into the world of television from a whole new perspective –through the hearts and minds of the true television fan. FANatical will air on TVtropolis, a new Canadian Network launching under the Global Television Network family of channels.

Fanatical Production Inc. is a subsidiary of Peace Point Entertainment Group is a Toronto-based award-winning independent producer of cutting-edge television content for the worldwide market. To date, the company has produced over 200 hours of television content with distribution in over 25 international markets.



Jun 12, 2006

Happy birthday, Scott Thompson!!!

(OK, it was yesterday, 6/12, and I'm backposting because I didn't get here in time. The celebration should last all month...)


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