Apr 8, 2006

3/5 of Kids in the Hall represented in Tribeca Film Festival movies

This weekend, a guide to the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival appeared as an insesrt to my Sunday Times (which I subscribe to almost purely for the crosswords.) I glanced through the guide, noticing about a dozen films that I would love to see but probably won't be able to get tickets to. Three of them feature Kids in the Hall:

  • Another Gay Movie: In this raunchy, gay spoof of teen movies, a group of high school grads swear they will lose their virginity before going to college. And so they spend their summer-and this movie-trying to get laid. Lypsinka, Scott Thompson, and Graham Norton, among others, make hilarious cameos. Jokes, costumes, vomit, sex, and gerbils included. Mature audiences only.

  • Comeback Season: Directed By: Bruce McCulloch
    World Premiere
    In this funny and unlikely buddy picture, a chance encounter brings together cheating husband Walter (Ray Liotta) and injured high-school football star Skylar (Shaun Sipos). An unlikely friendship develops, as Skylar helps Walter get his family back and Walter helps Skylar regain the confidence he needs to overcome his injury.

  • Snow Cake: Ex-convict Alex Hughes finds himself attached to two strange women after arriving in a sleepy Ontario town. Linda, a high-functioning autistic, takes Alex into her home after he gets into a car accident with her daughter. Meanwhile, Alex falls for town sexpot Maggie. Starring Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Carrie-Anne Moss. (Although not mentioned in this synopsis, I happen to know that Mark McKinney has a small role in this one.)


    Apr 5, 2006

    Came across the site for the people who made some of the Sky High costumes. I like how Dave's was nicknamed the "Fat Suit".


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