Oct 1, 2004

Scott to host the 2004 Canadian Comedy Awards in London, Ontario on October 29.


Sep 28, 2004

If you're on the Kids in the Hall DVD mailing list you got the following email:

Dear Kids in The Hall Fan:

While the Kids in The Hall cannot run for President of the United States (some silly rules about Canadians not being eligible), Video Store Magazine and Hollywood Reporter are giving awards for the best TV DVD releases of the past year! And we've been nominated!

Our DVD set, Kids in the Hall Complete Season 1 has been chosen out of over 150 submissions as one of the top 3 best TV DVD sets from the '80s!! Thank you for your help in making this honor possible!

Now that the judges have selected the top 3 DVD sets (Kids in the Hall being one of them!), it is up to the fans to select the winner of this prestigious award. Please vote to help ensure that Kids in the Hall Complete Season 1 is number one! All you have to do is click on the link below, scroll down to the "Best 80s Series" section, select Kids in the Hall Complete Season 1 and press "submit." Please feel free to shamelessly vote several times and pass this on to everyone you've ever met. If you live in Florida, please make sure that you vote for the correct show. ;-)

Visit Hive4Media to vote: http://www.hive4media.com/contest/tv_dvd_awards/

The voting period ends on Friday, October 2. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 19, during the Second Annual TV DVD Conference in Los Angeles.

Thanks again!

The Kids in The Hall
& Broadway Video Enterprises


Kristen Adams describes her love scene with Mark in Falling Angels.


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