Jul 23, 2004

I got two pictures of scott from the Just for laughs show..
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here is an article about the upcoming gay/lesbian/bi/trans/whathaveyou tv network, LOGO. one of the shows has scott as a host!

-- My Fabulous Gay Wedding (working title): Hosted by actor/comedian Scott Thompson (Kids In The Hall), this series challenges about-to-be-married gay couples to fulfill a long-held wish-to have the wedding of their dreams. How will they express their love for each other-old-fashioned wedding bells or a brand- new sense of style and tradition? Produced by Paperny Films and Duopoly.

...speaking of scott, he's apparently currently doing some shows at montreal's just for laughs festival. (he couldn't make it to a radio show this morning, he was sleeping. and we would expect otherwise..? ;))


Jul 21, 2004

My friend amy points out that there are some (albeit, blurry) shots of Dave on the set of Celebrity Poker on Andy Bloch's website.

By the way, it turns out that Dave can't accept the part in Once Upon a Mattress due to scheduling conflicts. Poop!


My friend Amy sent me this interview with Phil Gordon in which he talks about his co-host, Dave. (Skip down.)


To let anyone that doesn't know yet. I started a new Dave Foley Fanlisting. Not many have signed up yet, so show your Dave love here..


Jul 20, 2004

It's confirmed, Dave will be on MSNBC Live tomorrow (Wed Jul 21) at 8:30 am PST/11:30 am EST.


Dave's publicist pal reports that Dave will be on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE tomorrow night (Wednesday). That's on at midnight on ABC in most areas, I think. Check listings.

He is also tentatively scheduled to do an interview on MSNBC early in the morning Wednesday (or Thursday? - check back here later), probably 8:30 am PST/11:30 am EST.

Best yet, he's been asked to do a feature film for Disney, something about superheroes, so if you see anything that fits the bill let me know. Keep your eyes peeled! He's also been asked to do the ABC movie version of Once Upon a Mattress with Carol Burnett, although the schedule might conflict with the other project so it's still iffy, in which case it's just a fun piece of Dave trivia. ("Which made-for-tv musical did Dave almost appear in alongside Carol Burnnett?")


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