Apr 30, 2004

Here's a Filmcritic.com review of the Season One DVD with snippets of an interview with Dave: Comedy Rock Star Dave Foley Glances Back


Pictures of Dave at the Borders signing. Enjoy!


Apr 29, 2004

Here's a nice Saddest Music article.


Apr 28, 2004

Update! Update! Dave will be on The Majority Report (co-hosted by Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder) tonight! If you're in one of Air America's markets, tune in to your local station. If not, check out the stream here.


Apr 27, 2004

and dave on last call with carson daly on friday may 7.


VCR Alert Recap
This will be updated as more info comes in:

Wed, 4/28: *Dave on Tough Crowd, 11:30 pm on CC (this is unconfirmed by CC website)
Wed, 4/28: *Mark on Conan (either Wed or Fri), 12:35 am on NBC
Thurs, 4/29: Dave on WB Morning News in New York City, 7-9 am on WPIX 11
Fri, 4/30: *Mark on Conan (either Wed or Fri), 12:35 am on NBC
Sat, 5/1: Scott hosts Genies, 8:00 pm on CityTV Toronto (here for more Canadian times and channels)


Some more articles for you:

Dave interview from TV Guide. (Thanks to Kids in the Hall Livejournal for that one!)

Here's a Washington Times piece about Scott and the Season One DVD, which hits stores today.

Here's another article about Scott hosting the Genies.

See what Kids in the Hall tour director Jim Millan is up to.


Apr 26, 2004

San Francisco area fans can catch Scott at Cobb's Comedy Club:

Special Event! "In Conversation with..." Scott Thompson --of "The Kids in The Hall" & "The Larry Sanders Show"
5/23 (Sun) -- 2PM --- $25

And here's another article on Scott hosting the Genies.


Here's an article about Mark from The National Post.


Dave's scheduled to be on The Majority Report on Air America sometime this week. Check their blog for time and day, they update frequently.


I've noticed that The release of the DVD's has actually gotten more publicity than I thought it was going to get. Here are a few articles I came across..

The Kids in the Hall : Complete Season One

Sketch comedy TV shows exploding onto DVD

The Fab Five

This group's 'Hall' mark was surreal comedy

'Love Actually' Has Arrived


According to TiVo's listings:

Dave will be on WB Morning News on WPIX New York at 7 a.m. on Thursday, April 29th. Check your local listings to see if you receive this channel.

Mark will be appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Friday, April 30th (late Friday night/early Saturday morning).


Apr 25, 2004

Just caught the end of FOX's "Arrested Development" and Kevin had a small part in the episode. I guess TiVo for reruns!


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