Apr 17, 2004

Here's a Saddest Music article with Mark stuff.


Apr 16, 2004

I scanned, and uploaded some pictures from the "In Touch" magazine.. Here


Apr 13, 2004

Update! Update! In Touch with Dave and Crissy will be out on Thursday!


According to Averie on the newsgroup, Dave and Scott are interviewed in this month's print version of Stuff Magazine.


Dave's Upcoming New York Media Blitz

Dave will be doing an in-store DVD signing at Border's in New York City!

When: Thursday, April 29th, 7:00-8:30

Where: Borders Books, 10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Building

Everyone who's in the area should show up and have their DVDs signed! The bigger the crowd the better, so come out and show Dave your support! Please note that the time and date of the signing is still subject to change as he may be doing Conan that night.

He'll also be making tv appearances:

Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Wednesday, 4/28. Airs on Comedy Central at 11:30 pm.

He'll also be on Carson Daly on 4/28, and, like I said, he might do Conan, and Good Morning America on 4/29. I'll post more details on that as I get it.

Also: Dave was on A&E's Biography of Phil Hartman last night, talking about his friend. Check and see if it will be repeated.


Apr 12, 2004

Came across a few random Articles featuring Dave..
1 2 3

A small mention of Kevin's part in OutKast's Roses video here.

An article about a musical called Lets Eat! with Mark McKinney.. can't wait.


Brain Candy was released in theatres 8 years ago today. Watch it tonight to celebrate!


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