Feb 28, 2004

Keep writing!
And if you needed more encouragement, here's a word from dear Crissy:

Well, I'm sure you've heard that Dave got a pilot for NBC! Yay! I must
say that I'm sure all the fan response to W & G didn't hurt! But, we
still have a long way to go. NBC still has to pick up the pilot once
it's finished. So, please encourage the fans to keep those letters and
e-mails going throughout his W & G run. They won't decide on the pilot
until May, so we must keep the momentum going! We're halfway there
girls! By the way, Dave is very touched by all you guys and the fans
have done.

You guys know what to do...


Feb 27, 2004

oh, here is the website for in touch weekly. i have no idea where it is sold or if they sell individual issues, but save that for future reference i guess.


Feb 26, 2004

Our Fabulous Source reports:

DAVE FOLEY was the last celebrity standing at the world poker tour last night. He ended up playing til around midnight and was up over 200,000 dollars at one point but he had to lose or he wouldn't have been able to do the shoot for IN TOUCH today, which went very very well. I think all fans will be pleased. It completely skipped my mind that IN Touch is a weekly magazine so that issue should be out within a couple of weeks.

Woo! Go Dave!

So look for In Touch with Dave and Crissy in March, and World Poker Tour (Hollywood Home Game?), air date still TBA. According to the website, World Poker Tour airs Wednesdays at 9 pm.

How can you help encourage NBC to pick up The Friendly's on their fall schedule? Why not write NBC and tell them how much you enjoyed his 3rd appearance on Will and Grace tonight? Look for him again next week, 3/4, in "Flip-Flop Part II" at 8:30 PM on NBC.


According to the Disney Channel programming schedule, that episode of Lilo and Stitch: The Series featuring all of the Kids in the Hall, is on Thursday (today!) 2/26 at 4 pm!


Feb 25, 2004

Ha ha:

Seattle Times AND St Louis Today report on Dave's comments on the movie Miracle. Hee.


Please note the date change
Dave'll be doing a radio interview on LA's KIIS FM, on Wednesday March 10 March 3rd. NOT the 10th. Wednesday, 3/3. Will probably air the following day during The Valentine Show which airs 3-7PM PST (6-10 PM EST?)

You can stream KIIS FM over the internet here.

And, if you live in the LA area, Dave will be on Good Day LA on Wednesday March 10. It airs from 7-9 am PST, he'll probably be on towards the very end of the show. Tune in after 8:30 or so. And tape it for me, if you're inclinced. ;)


Feb 23, 2004

More from Variety on The Friendly's:

Foley will star in NBC sitcom "The Friendlys," from NBC Studios. Thesp -- who plays Augustus, the son of a recently deceased candy mogul -- is in the midst of a multi-episode arc on the Peacock's "Will & Grace."

Foley is also a founding member of comedy troupe and TV series "The Kids in the Hall" and starred in the laffer "NewsRadio."

Yeah, I'm totally posting too much.


By the way, if you missed Dave on The Best Damn Sports Show Period tonight, the episode airs again tomorrow morning. (7 am in my area, might be a different time in other areas.)

Am I posting too much?


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