Feb 7, 2004

Don't know if anyone already posted this, but found this, and says that Scott will be doing BETH LAPIDES, UN-CABARET with Julia Sweeney, Patton Oswalt Kingsbury Hall, Feb. 12.


Feb 5, 2004

Crissy informs us that Dave will be on FIVE upcoming episiodes-- count'em, FIVE!!!-- and that, furthermore, this is a great time for us to organize a grassroots letter-writing campaign to get Dave back on tv:

I think it's time we got Dave back on the air in
his own show, so I propose our very own "grassroots" letter-writing (or
e-mailing) campaign. This guest role is the perfect opportunity. They
have absoluetly loved him over there, and, hence, added two episodes,
and possibly more. I think it's time we let the execs over at NBC know
how much Dave is missed. Can you please ask the fans to bombard NBC
with letters for the five weeks Dave is a guest on "Will & Grace". We
all know TV is in a sorry state and I think it's time we upped the
quality with a Foley show!

I totally agree and will send my emails to NBC as soon as the first episode airs, as well as letters. If you're a Dave fan, this is the cause to rally behind, gang! Here are some addresses to get us started:

Direct your letters to:

Jeffrey Zucker
President, NBC Entertainment
NBC Studios- Administration Bldg.
3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91523

And send those emails to Programming@nbc.com

I know I'm ready to see Dave back on tv. His creative force must be made accessable!

Don't forget to let them know how much you love Dave's appearances and performances on Will and Grace in the next few weeks. Let's get our quality-comedy-lovin' voices heard!

Pass it on!


Feb 3, 2004

Got word that Dave will also be in the episode Flip-Flop: Part One" airing Thursday, February 26 on NBC (8:30-9 p.m. ET).


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