Jan 17, 2004

I Got 3 pictures of Kevin taken by Britt Lundquist, the artist who took the pictures mentioned in the article below. Very interesting.


Kevin's appearing at a benefit in Minneapolis next Thursday:

Interested in catching a glimpse of Andy Dick with daisies stuffed in his mouth? Kevin McDonald of "Kids in the Hall" sporting a Snidely Whiplash mustache and rubber-ducky life vest?



Jan 16, 2004

got this email regarding bellini:


Paul Bellini will be hosting a live show called Sunday Night Live which is written and performed by the amazing Toronto comedy Troupe the Sketchersons.

Here is more info:

The Poor Alex Theatre Presents SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE with the Sketcherson's.

This ensemble cast creates a weekly comedy sketch extravaganza showcasing a different host each week. The show is written, produced and performed by local comedians who join forces with a local celebrity host to satire current events. Each show contains a witty opening monologue, a topical and hilarious news segment, a funky house band and a rocking after party with live music, cast and friends. Guaranteed enjoyment. Upcoming host Paul Bellini @ the Poor Alex Theatre (296 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, Canada), February 1st, 9 pm cost $5. Laughter - the best way to start your week.



I was told that Dave will play a client of Will's who is what they say "over the top", and ends up becoming a love intrest of Jack.


Jan 15, 2004

I found 2 articles with small mentions of Dave. Here, and here.


Dave will be on Will and Grace on February 12! (Thanks for my friend Amy for finding this.)


Jan 14, 2004

The Season One DVD Set of Kids in the Hall is available now from A&E Television Networks! I received the following email:

We wanted to let you and your visitors know about the much-anticipated
release of the Kids in the Hall Season One DVD set. The official release
date of set is April 27th, 2004. However, KITH fans don't need to wait that
long to own this incredible set. Order from ShopAETV.com and we'll start
shipping this set on February 5 - almost two months before it's available at
retail stores!

Here are some specifics on the DVD set:
* All 20 episodes from the debut season of THE KIDS IN THE HALL are
collected on DVD for the first time ever.
* Over 2 hours of special DVD features including:
* 2 Best-of Compilations Featuring Fan-Favorite Sketches from
the Rare Pilot Episode
* 30 Minutes of Never-Before-Seen-On-TV Performances from the
Rivoli Theater
* An Oral History - New Interviews with the Kids, Lorne
Michaels, and Paul Bellini
* Audio Commentary by the Kids
* Biographies
* Sketch Selection, and more!

See all the DVD set details

This 4-pack DVD set is only $59.95. Plus, order from ShopAETV.com and get
FREE standard shipping.

If you haven't already, go forth and buy!


Jan 13, 2004

Two items from Fozzie on the newsgroup:

  • A reminder about Corner Gas, a show set in Saskatchewan, which will feature an appearance by Kevin in an upcoming episode; the show premieres Jan 22 on CTV.
  • There's in interview with Scott in Famous magazine, a Canadian publication that's available free in Canadian movie theatres. He discusses his favourite movies and upcoming projects.


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