Dec 5, 2003

if you happen to be in the vicinity of salt lake city, scott is performing at the un-caberet show on february 12.


Dec 1, 2003

Thanks, Jen Liao, for reminding me: Seasons 1 and 2 of NewsRadio are on DVD February 3, 2004!

(I know this is a KITH blog, but Dave was on NewsRadio, consarnit. And so was Kevin!)


Nov 30, 2003

Mark's old improv teacher, master and creator of Theatresports Keith Johnstone is the subject of a documentary that will be airing on Bravo Canada, The World According to Keith, on December 17, 8pm EST. It features interviews with Mark and Bruce.


World Broadcast Premiere On Bravo! December 17 (Canadian Network)

5 pm PST, 6 pm MST, 8 pm EST

"I don't think I've met many geniuses in my lifetime, but he

was definitely one of them". - Mark McKinney.

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO KEITH is an irreverent and revealing look at
the life, work and art of Keith Johnstone, master of improv comedy
and inventor of Theatresports?. His visionary ideas influenced
television hits such as Kids in the Hall, and Whose Line Is It
Anyway? His book Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre has become the
Bible of theatre improvisers.

The one hour documentary features Mark McKinney (Kids in the Hall,
The Saddest Music In the World) who started as a student of Johnstone
in Calgary; and Colin Mochrie (This Hour has 22 Minutes, Whose Line
Is It Anyway?), who began his career in Vancouver's Theatresports
troupe. The World According to Keith also features Wayne Brady (The
Wayne Brady Show) and Brad Sherwood, both Theatresports alumni and
stars of ABC's Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Johnstone is a cheeky renaissance man with a gleeful sense of humour.
He is also a tormented genius, tortured by his desire to create
powerful art. His rebellious creative streak makes him break all the
rules in everything he does: as a writer, painter, filmmaker,
playwright, director, improv coach and drama professor.

In the spirit of improv, the documentary examines Keith's world,
weaving his past with the present, including workshop scenes and
performance. Along the way we meet a critic who teaches his students

to be positive, a control freak whose popular creation is out of
control, and a mischievous visionary with a keen understanding of
human nature. And they're all the same manS(Keith Johnstone.

The World According to Keith is directed and produced by Vancouver's
Arlene Rimer, also an entertainment lawyer. It is co-produced,
originated and written by Cassandra Freeman, an improv teacher and
Theatresports? alumnus. The Executive Producer is TV veteran Paddy
Moore (CBC TV's Alive!), who took Improv courses with Keith Johnstone
at the University of Victoria.

For information on Keith Johnstone's workshops:

The World According to Keith is produced by Executive Pictures Inc.
in association with BRAVO! Canada, a division of CHUM Limited,
Knowledge Network, Canadian Learning Television and BookTelevision:
the channel; with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund

created by the Government of Canada and the Canadian cable industry
Telefilm Canada: Equity Investment Program, Rogers Cable Network
Fund, CanWest Western Independent Producers Fund, British Columbia
Film, and the Telus BC Broadcast Fund.


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