Nov 14, 2003

Kid in the Cube, another report about Bruce's sitcom deal.


Nov 13, 2003

A Salon article about why British and Canadian television is funnier than American television spends a very brief amount of time on Kids in the Hall, although it's mostly an excuse to dump on the current state of SNL.


Nov 12, 2003

Looks like Bruce may be the next Kid to go primetime with NBC in an office-based sitcom.

'Kids' McCulloch signs on for NBC show

Now that is certainly interesting and timely, given the sorry state of our economy for recent college grads... like myself. Who amongst us doesn't know what it's like to be consigned to a cubicle for most of the waking hours of your life?

Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope this one makes it on the air.


Nov 11, 2003

In response to Sarah's earlier comment about Voltaire's 50-coffees-a-day habit, is it not a funny coincidence that one of Dave's favourite books is Voltaire's Candide?

And to Orson Welles' coffee addiction... Dave has mentioned many a time that Citizen Kane is one of his favourite movies.

Goodness, he's certainly influenced by the personal habits of his idols, isn't he?

Now if you'll excuse me, I need another cup of coffee.


Nov 10, 2003

it looks like showtime "3" (?) is airing "hacks" aka "sink or swim" aka "big twist" (that title is new to me). schedule is as follows:

Tue Nov 11 02:45P SHW3E- Showtime 3
Wed Nov 12 02:45A SHW3E- Showtime 3
Sun Nov 16 01:00P SHW3E- Showtime 3
Fri Nov 21 03:00P SHW3E- Showtime 3
Mon Nov 24 11:15A SHW3E- Showtime 3

...and, if you can't get enough toast loving ("you know, where you love or get loved with toast"), the USA network is airing edited-for-cable-i'm-sure brain candy on saturday 11/29 at 11am.


dave isn't alone... (from a boy and his computer): "Voltaire is rumoured to have had a 50 cup a day coffee habit. And at one point during the making of 'Citizen Kane' Orson Wells had to be taken to hospital (it was said) due to excessive coffee consumption."


Nov 9, 2003

Just turned on the Simpsons and heard the voice of Scott Thompson on what i think was a repeat. Its the episode where Homer moves into a gay neighborhood. Well I'd never seen it so it was new to me!


Good, fairly extensive article/interview with Scott in The Toronto Star, talking about the DVDs and his role in Prom Queen.


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