Sep 20, 2003

Brucio posted a new journal entry for Sept. 19. Yay for updates!


Sep 19, 2003

Apparently Scott is in New York next week (we all know what that means-- SOMEONE will have to keep vigil just in case he decided to pop another surprise visit at Howard Stern!) taping a bit in a special for Comedy Central called "Out on the Edge". The official description, taken from Elvira Kurt's site, is:

Out On The Edge
Comedy Central presents Out On The Edge is a one hour original cutting-edge
alternative comedy extravaganza with a gay theme. Tony Award winner
(Cabaret) and star of X2, Alan Cumming hosts this special that's a mix of
stand-up and edgy, outrageous acts that have recently exploded out of the
alternative comedy scene. BETTY, fresh from their hit off- Broadway show
BETTY Rules, will be rocking out throughout the night. Jonny McGovern/ The
Gay Pimp takes on boy bands and pop music in a flawlessly produced dance
extravaganza. The Hazzards (aka The Ukes Of Hazzard) perform a live version
of their internet/international music video sensation, "Gay Boyfriend"!
Bayne Gibby performs two of her hilarious twisted acoustic musical numbers.
Brilliant out comics Rene Hicks, Jim David and Elvira Kurt will be
performing their laser sharp stand-up. And if that's not enough to make you
pee your pants, Kids-In-The-Hall alum/barfly Buddy Cole will make a special
guest appearance!  This is going to rock!!

They're out of seats for the taping, which is on Tuesday night, so those of us in NY will have to eat our hearts out. (Someone comfort me.)

Anyway, I guess this will either be part of theComedy Central Presents series, or just a stand-alone special presented by CC, so we should keep our eyes peeled for it! Alan Cumming AND Buddy Cole. Siiiigh.


tonight is the season premiere of wanda at large, which mark has a recurring role... as her boss! no word on if he's in this episode, let's hope. :)


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