Sep 6, 2003

Mark's hosting stint last Friday on The Current is archived here, for those of us who woke up too late to tune in.


Don't know if anyone else cought it, but Scott was on The New Tom Green Show lastnight. I totally missed his interview, but he stuck around for the rest of the show. I am hoping they will repeat it again sometime.


Sep 5, 2003

Small Dave mention in this interview about Grind:

CNN: How about all the cameos? Randy Quaid, Tom Greene, Bobcat Goldthwait, Dave Foley?

MORRISON: To have those guys believe in it enough to want to be a part of it really meant a lot to us.

VOGEL: Bobcat and Dave Foley were my favorites. Dave Foley is so polite -- politely sarcastic. And he's so gentle about berating you. I just love his comedy and his sense of humor. I was a huge "Kids in the Hall" fan.


Sep 4, 2003

According to Sheila on the newsgroup:

Mark McKinney will be on CBC Radio One on Friday. He is
"celebrity host" on the morning show, which runs from 8:30 til 10:00.

The show is The Current. You can listen to CBC Radio on the internet here! According to their website:

Mark McKinney Promo

Roll out the red carpet. Coming to The Current . . . celebrity hosts!

For the following five Fridays, The Current gets star-struck. And, this Friday's celebrity host is Canada's own Mark McKinney this Friday on The Current, when he takes over the microphone for the day.


Sep 3, 2003

okay, the show kevin appears on IS "sick in the head." (the judd apatow pilot)

catch it repeating on trio an hour from now (1:30 am) orr.. at:

09/04 8:30 PM SICK IN THE HEAD PILOT    
09/04 11:30 PM SICK IN THE HEAD PILOT    
09/06 10:30 PM SICK IN THE HEAD PILOT    
09/06 1:30 AM SICK IN THE HEAD PILOT    


Sep 2, 2003

VCR ALERT! There will be mini KITH marathon in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow.

Three episodes will air from 2:30 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. eastern time on Comedy Central.


look for kevin on a "brilliant but cancelled" tv pilot this week on trio. sorry i don't have better information on what one it is, but he's in the commercial for this week-long tv-pilot-fest. :) according to the website, "sick in the head" sounds like the most probable show (starring andrea martin and amy poehler) but i have no idea. trio's schedule is posted on their site; as soon as i figure out whhich show it is, i'll let y'all know. hah. :)


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