Aug 22, 2003

oops, my bad. tough crowd isn't on on fridays, so scott will be on monday's episode. no idea if it's a repeat or not.


scott will be on colin quinn's tough crowd again (!!!) tomorrow, er, tonight technically (whatever. you know. 8/22. 11:30 pm. eastern standard time.) at the end of tonight's episode, it said he would be on again tomorrow. catchit! :) comedy central will re-air it on monday at 7:30 pm.

yayyayyay! ^_^


Aug 21, 2003

Mark was also on the "I love 70's". Here are a few pictures. Who knows who we might see next!


dave was just doing duty as a fill-in lead guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. :) he mentioned that he's working with a show for comedy central with the "hot up and coming" uk comedy troupe the hollow men, sooo... yay for that! :)


Aug 19, 2003

Gord Lacey left a message on my KitH message board.. which reads..

Hey guys, glad to hear everyone is pumped about the DVD release. I'm working with Broadway Video on the project and we have quite a few ideas we're knocking around for the set. Here's the best part: Broadway Video loves the KiTH fans, and they want to hear YOUR opinions about what would make a good DVD set. We're in the process of setting up a site for the DVDs that will allow you to sign up and say you're interested in buying them, and also take a survey that will help provide feedback on what you want included in the set. Once the site is done I'll be back to post details on where it can be found.

For now, take a look at my other site:

Gord Lacey


Here are a few screen caps from lastnights I love the 70's


Aug 18, 2003

this is a little late but i'm watching a TOUGH CROWD w/ COLIN QUINN episode with Scott Thompson on it....just thought i'd let y'all know so you can catch it on re-runs tuesday @ 7:30pm (est)


Kevin is suppose to be on VH1's "I love the 70's" Tonight, with his recollections of the 70's.
Read more here, even though they think it's "unfunny"


Anyone wanting to write to Dave can here. I have had confirmation that this is a working fan mail address for Dave. YAY!

Dave Foley
9560 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 500
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


The following from Dave pal Harry Doupe will be of interest to Toronto-area Dave fans especially:

There is a new network starting up called Toronto One, and I'm writing for it's flagship show, The Toronto Show. It's a variety shaw that will air on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The network will be #15 on your Rogers dial in Toronto. Dave will be guesting on three of the first four shows, one with Scott Thompson. The tapings will be at Trinity Studios, 65 Trinity Street on Sept 18 and 19. When I have ticket info, I'll let you know, otherwise, just keep your eyes open for the Toronto Show.


Aug 17, 2003

Are you all as starved for new Dave work as I am?

Fear not, faithful Foley followers as, according to The Toronto Star, Dave is said to be returning to host the Directors Guild of Canada Awards this year! As with last year's ceremony, tickets are available to the public, but extremely limited. Unlike last year, this year's show will take place at the Carlu, a newly-restored venue at the top of College Park in beautiful downtown Toronto. (Oh, come on, I had to say that. Come to Toronto! You belong here! It's time for a little Toronto! Um, uh. You knowwww you want toooooooo. Wait a minute... that's not the slogan.)

Details can be found here

Also, two pretty pictures of Dave hosting last year's event can be found here.

Placing your mouse over boxes 21 and 24 will bring up a picture of Dave and Dave with director Norman Jewison, respectively.



Nothing much, but there was a little mention of Dave in this interview with Thomas Lennon of Reno 911.


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