Mar 14, 2003

Awe! Poor Dave.
Like the man set adrift on the ocean without a drop of water to drink, Dave Foley is in a hospital surrounded by people in white coats and surgical scrubs - and he really needs a doctor. Read more here.

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So, I guess this one hasn't been posted yet, but the grapevine is abuzz!

The news is, Scott will be in upcoming episodes of both The Simpsons (!!!) and Touched By an Angel. ("DELLA!!") There is possible even-more-exciting Scott news on the horizon. Stay tuned.

And, Bruce and Tracy got married!

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Mar 12, 2003

There's a full-page ad in this week's Video Store Magazine for an upcoming DVD and VHS release of Uncle Saddam, which was written by Scott. Release date is April 1st. DVD special features:
-Interview with director Joel Soler
-"Dictators of the World (Collect 'em All!)"
-"Saddam's Family Tree"
-Full-length interview with Saddam's Interior Decorator (executed shortly thereafter)
-Original trailer

At least the impending war has brought about one good thing!

- posted by Cynthia : 9:42 PM


Look what Yvonne found: An Official KITH site that seems to actually be up-to-date. How awesome would this be if this actually remains up to date? We might actually KNOW about their appearances beforehand...

- posted by Tavie : 2:56 PM


Mar 11, 2003

Here's another article about The Saddest Music in the World, co-starring Mr Mark McKinney.

- posted by Tavie : 4:01 PM


Mar 10, 2003

Mark's episode of Mentors is on the Canadian Family Channel this Tuesday night at 9:30, according to the linked page.

But sarah's post below says it airs at 8:30, so I'd check then, if I were you.

- posted by Tavie : 1:53 PM


Here's an an article about Dave Thomas that talks about Whitecoats.

- posted by Tavie : 1:47 PM


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