Feb 8, 2003

very late breaking news flash here.. :) dave's going to be was on the saturday version of the today show on nbc this morning at some point between now (8:05) and 9am.. woo!

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Feb 7, 2003

A newsgroup posted pointed out that Dave was on a radio station here in New York yesterday, and they have this photo of him in their photo gallery.


Feb 6, 2003

there's a lot of search hits here for the pay per view special, and since there's no concrete information on this, the best advice to find it in your area is to go to tvguide.com, enter in your zip code and cable information, and do a seach for "kids in the hall". if the tour of duty ppv special isn't listed, call your cable provider and whimper to them. if it is listed, it will show you the times in which you can order it, every single time. :) good luck!

and if you missed dave on E, he said the dvd is coming out on march 15.


Feb 5, 2003

(edit: the rest have moved here to save bandwidth from shutting this page down)

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look for the Kids on caroline rhea's show at some point soon (...?) for a pre-taped piece! :)

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tavie says dave's on e! news live in the studio tonight at 7 pm (est)

- posted by sarah : 3:47 PM


Feb 3, 2003

I was just messing around online and found that some kith fan has hit this site... http://www.whatsbetter.com/
It has a ton of pictures you've probably seen before... screencaps and other stuff... It's just cool to see it in another context. It's not all KITH-realted, but if you mess around with it for a minute you'll get a few.

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HOORAY! My first post.... anyway......

I'm watching Scott on Dharma & Greg as I type. It's on my local FOX station (FOX 25 Boston). He's playing a very funny, Scott-like part. I'm not sure if it's a re-run or what, but it's definately worth seeing.

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thanks to newsgrouper kyle, who found the trailer for the ppv special here: TV Guide Online - [Close-Up]!

who are those strangers on the street?

(still no airing for time warner. i'm calling them tomorrow and throwing a fit. :) )

- posted by sarah : 2:07 AM


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