Dec 14, 2002

Thanks to Foley Fan Scott Heckman for alerting me to the movie Ham and Cheese, currently in post-production according to the IMDB, which co-stars both Dave and Scott. Scheduled to be released (in Canada?) next summer.

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Here is a picture I found of Dave, Tom Green, and Mike Myers in The True Meaning of Christmas.
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(i updated the disclaimer, because i feel i might have been a bit misunderstood.... no offense intended... carry on..)

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according to kyle on the newsgroup, who emailed broadway video, the show itself should be on DVD (!!!!!) at the end of 2003. sweet! :D ... as for the tour of duty (i keep getting emails about this), no one is really agreeing on a release date, but spring 2003 seems to be the consensus. hang in there! let's hope all of this is true, eh? :) 2003 looks pretty sweet..

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Dec 12, 2002

emusic has the brain candy soundtrack available right here, if you do not have it already, it is absolutely excellent. (and right now they're offering a 50-free-mp3's trial so there you go)


Dec 11, 2002

hey hey! ho ho!
Dave Foley praises the virtues of 'moderate fame'


Dec 10, 2002

Go here and watch Dave's appearance on Canada AM from this morning (?)

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Dec 9, 2002

and here's something for fans of the shadowy men on a shadowy planet ! : Connelly rediscovers his Shadowy spirit

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according to this article, mark is playing "a boyfriend" in monté gagné's movie "falling angels", based on a book by barbara gowdy. the movie is still filming, so we must wait a while. sounds good, though. :)

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Dec 8, 2002

thanks to yvonne for this notice:

monday december 16, mark will be on the mike bullard show! :)

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