Dec 7, 2002

I read on that you can read Daniel Robert Epstein's interview with Bruce Here.

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i think the "santa claus brothers" airs tonight at 8 on disney.

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Dec 6, 2002

yahoo Movies says that Scott's new movie will be released April 4th 2003. the movie is called "My Baby's Mama" Premise: Like a 21st century, African-American take on Three Men and a Baby, this comedy tells the story of young men (Griffin, Anderson, Imperioli) forced to take responsibility for their children when their girlfriends (Ling, Parker, Bacalso) all get pregnant at about the same time... expect poo and pee jokes galore. cast includes Eddie Griffin, Anthony Anderson, Joanna Bacalso, Michael Imperioli, Bai Ling. You can read about it here.

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Dec 4, 2002

The Santa Claus Brothers (link to last year's review), a cartoon featuring the voice of our dear Kevin McDonald, will be on American cable channels The Disney Channel, Toon Disney, and ABC Family several times in the coming weeks (check TV Guide online for specific dates and times) and on Canada's YTV on Dec. 10th at 7 pm.

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it has come to our attention, that quite bluntly, we are being ripped off. the thought never occurred to me but now i do believe it is time for a disclaimer. NONE of what is published here is free to be taken without permission. ever. if you're going to cite something we've said, give credit where credit is due, please. it's the polite and personable thing to do. we are not happy with a tiny handful of impostors shamelessly stealing posts (literally word for word in some cases) and passing them off as their own.

this page exists as a service for kith fans. key word being exists. it's already here. it doesn't need to be reproduced in any form. copying and pasting the link URL does the job quite nicely.

we've never asked for mirror sites to be put up on the web, and especially have not lended permission to others' outright THEFT of our contributions.

there is no need at this time for a duplicate kithblog. and if, by some freak happenstance, you are so compelled to make your own, do NOT use our posts.

i didn't want this to be bitchy or anything, but it's really aggrivating to find someone stealing your baby and claiming it as theirs. this doesn't apply 99% of you, but it does serve as a warning.

we're none too happy. :(

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Dec 2, 2002

Saw this one on the newsgroup: Scott will be at The Knitting Factory in LA on Dec 8 as part of the Comedy Freak Out USA benefit. Event's at 7 and at 10, $5.

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Here's an article about El Vez's Christmas Tour (I've got my tickets!) with stuff about his involvement in Dave's Christmas special.

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