Nov 16, 2002

Not sure if you guys know this, but Scott makes an appearance on David Alan Grier's "Pulp Comics" special. They showed a clip from it the other night on "Comic Remix", and Scott has a small part playing the master of some slaves on a slave-boat.

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Nov 14, 2002

Here's another link for the Clash of the Titans ebay auction that has background information about the charities being benefitted and complete prize listings and stuff. The auction is in full swing. Wish I had me some money.

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here's some grabs of kevin & craig on conan. sorry about the quality, err.. lack thereof.

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the clash of the titans charity auction has finally begun! :)

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Nov 13, 2002

finally some pics from dave's recent open mike appearance (oct 1)

- dave et mike

- dave & mike yet again

- dave observing, what the hell?

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the lovely serra passed this along on the newsgroup:

Ain't It Cool News - View Article -- a little thing from bob odenkirk about the clash of the titans auction. which hopefully will be up... soon...

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Craig and Kevin are definitely on for Wednesday Night!! It says "Kevin McDonald" on Conan's site!

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Nov 11, 2002

on the off chance people care, comedy central's KITH page has a bunch of skits on it for online viewing, {for those of you coping with the standard end-of-year pre-emption} ... there's a lot more than i've seen there before.

* also, i've noticed the archives for this page stop randomly at 9/15. don't know why.

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Found this picture of Scott with The Kinsey Sicks on their website....


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Here's a quickie...

Mark in the gossip columns: Monday night Mark McKinney took in CanStage's The Shape Of Things at the Berkeley Street Theatre...

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Craig will be performing with the Kids at the Clash of the Titans benefit!

Don't forget to watch Craig and Kevin on Late Night With Conan O'Brien this Wednesday the 13th.

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