Oct 5, 2002

I checked out a lead offered by one Tweety on one newsgroup, and see: People Magazine reports that Mark will costar in a new show being produced for FX, a Paul Reiser vehicle also costarring Amy Sedaris!


hi! My name is Abbey and I'm a KITH-oholic.... and I mailed a letter to the KITH address that Justine posted, to see if it works. I hope it does....

- posted by Abbey : 3:02 PM


Hello, you crazy whippy zippy kid fan weirdos,no don't crush my head yet! I just wanted to say ahhhhhhh!!!! my head!!!! you already crushed it once in Kansas City, ahhhh!!!!!!!snarg. crushing noises here.

- posted by Kathryn : 12:59 PM


apparently people were passing out this card at a live mr show show:

Clash of the Titans featuring the Kids in the Hall, Janeane Garafalo, Mr. Show, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog! It's all going down at the Wiltern Theatre on Sunday, November 17th. Tickets go on sale Saturday (10/5) morning at 10:00am through TicketMaster. It's a benefit thing, so prices are on the higher end - - $43.50 to $203.50 plus service charges. But what a line-up! All you out-of-towners should plan your L.A. vacations now.

(from the newsgroup)

- posted by sarah : 5:17 AM


Oct 4, 2002

I came across this KITH fan mail address that I have never seen before. Don't know if it is up to date or not, but here it is.

The Kids in the Hall
c/o Comedy Central
1775 Broadway,
New York, NY 10019

Got it from this site. world-of-celebrities.com

- posted by Justine : 5:49 PM


Oct 3, 2002

Tilly has graced us with a delicious batch of freshly-baked caps from Brain Candy that I have made a page for here.


Oct 2, 2002

For those of you who missed it on the tour, Bruce's oh too lovely Drunk Baby Project was released on October 1st and is now available for the masses! Believe you me, it kicks some serious bum.

Get your copy today at Amazon.com or Cdnow.com



mark made some appearances on mary walsh's 'open book' show. video clips on cbc's page:



Oct 1, 2002

According to Craig Northey's website, Craig and Kevin-- yes, Kevin McDonald-- will be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on November 1!

- posted by Tavie : 4:13 PM


According to the Open Mike website, Dave will be on Canada's Comedy Network's Open Mike with Mike Bullard TONIGHT.

- posted by Tavie : 5:11 AM


I'm on a damn roll.


Sep 30, 2002

I wasted time tonight by taking an assload of snaps of Dave from The Wrong Guy and uploading them here. I got 46 before I got bored. This is fun.


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