Apr 20, 2002

A brief bit from the Plain Dealer on the Cleveland show: Audience loves Canadians who play to inner teenager


Apr 19, 2002

I'm a posting fool today. Well, it's hot.

Rynn, San Francisco gal, went to get the DVD of Same Guys New Dresses today at the Virgin Megastore, and was told by the guy there that the Kids in the Hall would be there on May 19! I assume it's this store.


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Article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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Mark, Scott and Kevin answer questions solicited by fans here. Maybe yours is one of them! Keep sending them questions.


Pre-order your Brain Candy DVD here.

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Apr 15, 2002

www. tavie.com/index.html a serious plea for ideas
I'm looking for inspiration. I feel their needs to be a new comic now and I am soliciting ideas for "Dave's Head". I'd like for it to be simple enuf that I could draw it all out and give it to dave when he gets here on the 25th. That's not asking much, right? Any comment might cause an Idea, so don't be shy. I just came back from the shrink,(a GOOD visit!) so telling me to go to hell will have little effect . If you'd like to be a character, I need a picture, and some commentary on what you'd like to function as in the comic. (Protagonist, antagonist ,premise, solution?)
BTW: superpowers are ok.
Yes, I am searching for a way to find international fame, but I don't expect it from this,sadly.
And last but not least, I already thought of making a paper doll of Dave with various suits and disguises from KITH series sketches, but I ain't SO obsessed that I could manage that in ten days or so. It will have to wait till 2003. And I would like all the KIDS to be in the comic.
thanks a lot!



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