Apr 13, 2002

STARticles Movies & TV Collectibles - Bruce McCulloch ..no one's bought yet? {g} oh come on, it's only $100. ;)

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more reading material for you, burlington free press (burlington vt) article on the Kids with some comments from mark. (4/11)

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the artvoice interview with mark is linked on their page - i don't recall seeing it on there before, so, there you go. or perhaps i have swiss cheese head. yeah, perhaps. (i was going to grab a bunch of these, but the new issues came out on thursday, the day of the show. dagnabbit. well i still have some from 2 years ago in my closet..)

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Addendum to the Time Out New York announcement below, also in this weeks issue, Billie Cohen, the KITH fan who works at that magazine panned the documentary in the DVD Reviews section. I've transcribed it below:

Same Guys, New Dresses
Dir. Dave Foley. 2001. N/R. 105 mins. VSC. Available Tue 16 on VHS ($14.98). Dave Foley, Scott THompson, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney.

Even devoted fans of the Kid in the Hall will have trouble sitting through this rambling documentary, which trails the sketch-comedy troupe on last year's "Same Guys, New Dresses" tour. Apart from a few highlights-- includings skits from the live show, a hilarious impromptu visit to "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"m and a handful of scenes that reveal the competition and bickering that defines the group's dynamics-- the film is drawn out into protracted segments about makeup application, lost luggage and Scott Thompson getting whiny over a robot dog he can't train. One would have expected more from the quintet that et the standard for sketch comedy in the 90's. Unless this is a joke, too. (For the latest on the Kids, see also Takeout.) --Billie Cohen.

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Apr 12, 2002

I came across this while searching for KITH stuff, and came across this. Didn't know if we knew anyone here.. hehe Giantrobot.com

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orders of business.

1) may i call your attention to sarah's genius? not only does the new layout look fabulous, she also created these gorgeous banners advertising the kithblog and the tour. kudos to you, sarah!

2) there is a small kith mention in time out new york magazine. it's barely an article but we still have a lovely full-page picture and some kind words. check newsgroup for more details.


As always, many gracious thanks to sarah for the (as always) tremendously impressive work she's done making the blogpage look so stunning. Honest to god, if this woman doesn't get a high-paying job as a web designer, there is no justice in this world.


This may only be for the most obscurely overdedicated feaks among us, but in the current issue of CineAction (a Canadian film magazine but I found it in Borders in the US), there's an article about John Paizs, one of the directors of the short films in the tv series. As one of the directors to come out of the (highly esteemed) Winnipeg Film Group, he's had less press than he deserves. There's a brief mention of KITH in the article.


OK, i have a better way to celebrate. write it on your calendars, hot dog!

eFilmCritic - The Complete DVD Release Schedule
July 16 Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (Paramount)



happy 6th anniversary.

on ebay, we find:

a brain candy press kit and a shove this up your mind t-shirt. yay!


Apr 11, 2002

(from tuesday 4/9)

transcript: dave answers questions on Washingtonpost.com: Live Online

"back to the porn sites everyone!"


many of you have probably already seen these (?) but i'm just in a photo-looking mood (other people's and my own) and there is a great collection here at Al's Kids in the Hall Page, from the 2000 tour. it can't not make you smile and laugh.

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Apr 9, 2002

If anyone wants to see pictures of Dave from On the Line, Tilly sent me some snaps that I put up here.


Apr 8, 2002

got a burning question for an advice column? want it answered by the Kids? well just send it to ask julia.

i have a question: "unruly hotel behavior"? is this about the thing with scott and the couch? {g}

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4/3: Stage left, indeed (Metro Times Detroit)

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4/5/02 : Boston Globe Online / Living | Arts / Kids are all right in movie, on tour

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