Mar 14, 2002

Kids in the Hall on Open Mike

The Kids are going to be on Open Mike with Mike Bullard on Saturday, March 23rd!! :D Yes, ALL of them, according to the website. (Let's see who remembers to actually show up and/or doesn't cancel. {eg}) If any of you are planning to attend the taping, they're pretty booked up, so call ASAP! The Saturday show tapes late night Friday. The schedule and info for tickets can be found here!

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click on "El Pollo"..creepy, eh? "

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New dates, cancelled dates

'Tis sad to see, but as it turns out, Halifax and Saint John dates have been cancelled, according to Clear Channel. In their place, two new dates have been added. (Oh, joy! said the central Canadians and north midwestern Americans.)

4/6/02 Hamilton Place Theatre Hamilton ON On Sale 3/15/02
4/7/02 State Theatre, Detroit Detroit MI On Sale 3/15/02

I've no idea how to buy tickets-- which go on sale at 10 am Friday, like Tara said-- but keep checking Clear Channel for more info.

edit: I should've known... tickets are on sale here and here.

(If those links don't work, go to and, respectively.)

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Mar 12, 2002

excuse me if i'm having a brain fart and this has been mentioned already, but i saw that a detroit date has been added on april 7th, an according to ticketmaster, the tickets go onsale on friday at 10:00 am.


Mar 11, 2002

Dallas tickets go on sale the 16th, according to Clear Channel. Woo! :)


Mar 10, 2002

from the network: NEWS STORY: Suddenly, it's cool to be Canadian

...offers up kevin and dave's comments on how it's ..well, cool to be canadian. (apparently just realized that?;))

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want to see the Kids in KC? Kids In The Hall Tour of Duty Giveaway

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