Mar 9, 2002

at last, blogger works for me!

first item of business: while my computer was preoccupied being a bitch, tavie posted news of comedy central kith acknowledgement (thank you, tavie dear...'bout time, indeed!)

second item of business: tickets for connecticut and cleveland now appear to be onsale via so...go buy some tickets!

___________________________ mentions tour

I read this from em (why didn't you post it here? ;) on newsgroup... Comedy Central's KITH page finally has some mention of the tour on it.

'Bout time.

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Mar 7, 2002

blinded by the light

in case you missed dave on 'just shoot me'.. i'm sending some crappy screen grabs over to tavie. and if you want them now, here's something to wet your whistle:

*edit: they're up now*


Tickets for the shows in Cleveland, Austin, and Wallingford CT go on sale March 9th on Clear Channel.


Mar 6, 2002

According to Barb Carr, Austin KITH tickets will be going on sale through Star Tickets on March 9th. No word about an internet pre-sale prior to that date, however. Thanks, Barb!


Scott on PI!

Speaking of reminders... (Forgot about Dave on Just Shoot Me!)

This should be interesting.... The line-up:
March 13
Actor Bob Balaban; The Polling Co. President Kellyane Conway; Comedian Zach Galifinakis; Actor Scott Thompson

Air dates and times are subject to change, so always check your local listings.

(Thanks, Amy!)

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Mar 5, 2002

dave on just shoot me this thursday? this reminder is for myself if noone else. {g}

- posted by sarah : 2:55 AM


Mar 4, 2002


From lynn with a little help from bella, but always with love

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Kids in D.C.!

Lookee here! They added a D.C. date!

(Thanks Tara.)

- posted by Tavie : 3:31 PM


hey y'all...check out craig northey's blog...he talks about going on tour with the boys, and i'm sure it will prove to be more interesting once the tour starts up...we'll get the insider's angle woo-hoo!

- posted by baby bison : 12:11 AM


Mar 3, 2002

KITH profiling

J!VE media features licensed Canadian television content, including Star TV! profiles. A little snooping around turned up some KITH-y profiles, including interviews with the likes of Scott, Dave, and the collective Kids in the Hall. While J!VE's site does not archive these profiles, you should be able to find them on Morpheus, according to this press release. Enjoy!

- posted by Kitana : 4:08 PM


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