Mar 2, 2002

eat our brains

message from the finger:

If you've already heard this tiny, little tidbit, try and act surprised, ok? Anyways, it appears that Craig is going back on tour again... WITH THE KIDS IN THE HALL!!! HOLY LIVING FUCK!!! That's all I can say. So, if you haven't got your tickets yet, get them now. You heard me, get them now. Don't make me come over there...

s'right, craig northey of the odds. with the Kids. i know not of what entails, but i know it WILL be awesome. :D

- posted by sarah : 4:54 AM


Mar 1, 2002

i've just seen this page in netscape and well, i darn near puked. redesign is iminent. i never liked this haphazard lazy one anyway. oh yes, i've added a list of the tour dates to the side... i'll be tweaking things here and there.. any suggestions, i would LOVE input. this is your page too. :)

- posted by sarah : 7:06 AM


Feb 28, 2002

well, we've finally got some new york city information (i say finally because i've been waiting for two weeks for the moment where i get semi-set-in-stone information about the venue i will be attending.) ;)

ticketmaster phone recording reports tickets go onsale tomorrow (3/1) at noon for the april 15th show (an extra date they just added, i assume.) beacon theatre phone recording reports that tickets for both april 15th and april 14th go onsale tomorrow at noon.

no dates are up on the ticketmaster website as of yet, but that is probably because of the time it takes to update the site, how regularly they update, etc. my advice would be to keep checking up on it as the night progresses, and to check with ticketmaster via phone as well. or, call at noon tomorrow to see what's going on.

yay! :)


Feb 27, 2002

Email address for fan photos!

I was hoping this would become available. I now predict all of us lazy people will be sending in some photos after all. ;)

You can EMAIL rather than snail-mail your photos, if you wish. Send them to:


- posted by Tavie : 7:38 PM


because i have no life and all i do is refreash the ticketmaster website every five minutes...

minneapolis tickets (for TWO nights, apparently: the 1st and 2nd of may) go onsale starting tomorrow, february 28th.


Clear Channel switched the artist page for Kids in the Hall. This one has links to buy tickets for all shows currently for sale.


Feb 26, 2002

OVOR is passing on a request:

Calling all KITH fans! We would love to see any of your favourite pictures
from the last tour or before. We may want to use them in our souvenir tour program! If you have any photos please send them to:

126 fifth ave
ny ny


(This is Tavie again.)
I know a lot of you guys have some EXCELLENT pictures from the last tour-- please pass this on to anyone who might want to submit theirs! (Does anyone know Adrie Jones? Hers were the best I've seen.)

- posted by Tavie : 4:40 PM


It looks like Same Guys, New Dresses is coming to DVD!

Nothing has been officially announced yet, but DVD Empire has it up for pre-order with a release date of April 16.

Here are the specs according to DVD Empire (which may or may not be entirely accurate).

Catch the insanity on and off the stage with The Kids In The Hall as they barnstorm across North America on their historic 2000 reunion tour. This hysterical documentary, directed by Dave Foley, goes almost too far behind the scenes as Canada's funny fab five get their act together and take it on the road.

Commentary Track Featuring The Kids, Andy Richter, Mike Meyers, Jason Priestly, Matt Stone and Trey Parker


- posted by Cynthia : 2:06 AM


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