Feb 23, 2002

kid tour banners, anyone? i'll add more later, i will also accept submissions. (as long as they are readable)

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according to ticketmaster.com, rosemont, il. tickets go onsale tomorrow (2/23) at 10am est. which means...ticketmaster is continuing to add new dates, so...keep your eyes open. :)


this was posted on the newsgroup:
Hmmm. look what I just found.. This is a direct quote from Clear Channel -
Boston page (http://boston.cc.com/blackstone_tickets.asp)

"Tickets to all shows are available through two ticketing agencies: NEXT
ticketing and Ticketmaster."

"NEXT Ticketing provides fully automated ticketing services to the following

In Massachusetts:

Avalon, and the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Wallace Civic Center in
Fitchburg and in Worcester, The Palladium"

"Ticketmaster provides its ticketing services to the following venues:

In Massachusetts:

FleetBoston Pavilion, **The Orpheum Theatre*[this is where the show is-
SaltyEyes]* , The Roxy, Axis, Bill's Bar, The FleetCenter, Berklee
Performance Center all in Boston, Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts in
Mansfield, Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Tanglewood in Lenox, Somerville Theatre,
and in Worcester; Worcester Centrum Center and Worcester Auditorium."

Sooooo.... As you can see the tickets are available through ticketmaster and
not next

which means? i don't know. considering tm doesn't have the boston date up yet, i would keep my eyes on both sites if i were you? just in case?

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Feb 22, 2002

a newsgrouper alerted us:

Boston tix on sale 3/2 10am. nextticketing.com.

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chart's little blurb: Kids In The Hall Tourů Again

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Feb 21, 2002

there are several venues that have not yet appeared on the ticketmaster website, but you can check up on dates and venue information and such at pollstar.com in the meantime. i wish i could suggest actually calling ticketmaster on the phone, but only one out of the five representatives i have spoken to over the past few days has been remotely helpful. i did pick up on a bit of information along the way, however, about checking back at 9:30pm eastern standard time when they update their website, or if not then, tomorrow morning.

hopefully, more venues (especially the new york city one, knock on wood) will be up in the next day or two. in the mean time, happy buying for all of those whose local venues have tickets onsale. :)


Hi kids!

Kitana here, hoping that ticket-buying over the next few days goes well for all. :)

Here's some news about the London, ON show at Centennial Hall on March 30, 2002. According to Clear Channel and the lovely woman on the phone at Centennial Hall's box office, KITH tickets will be onsale Friday, 02/22, at 10 a.m. EST. They can be purchased by phone (519-672-1967) or at the venue's box office. Check out Clear Channel's venue information (linked to the KITH page above) for more details.

- posted by Kitana : 3:07 PM


I wish the Tour would get a real, official website. Clear Channel's page is the closest thing it has at the moment.

- posted by Tavie : 2:34 PM


second show added for toronto (4/2) according to ticketmaster.ca...

TODAY at noon est they go on sale, don't forget the .ca and .com depending on either/or/both countries you're buying show tickets for... (silly borders)

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Feb 20, 2002

If you missed "Politically Incorrect" on February 19 with Dave Foley, you can read the transcript here! Enjoy......... ;)

- posted by Djin : 8:19 PM


there are additional dates popping up on ticketmaster that were not on the tentative schedule. so far they've added a second show in san francisco on may 21st and they've added a late show in st. louis on april 20th. the first show is at 7:00 pm, and the second is at 10:30, i'm sure more additions will pop up before the day is over.

- posted by tara : 4:19 PM


Feb 19, 2002

This story from Canoe says:

Tickets for the show, which will include all-new material and classic bits from the group's arsenal of gags, go on sale Friday, Feb. 22 at 11 a.m.

OVOR says:

We are feverishly at work trying to set up internet on-sales for Thursday. More info will be forthcoming on Wednesday.

Not all of the venues are Ticketmaster-friendly, you see.

- posted by Tavie : 2:13 PM


Feb 17, 2002

if you have showtime, look out for the red sneakers. scott has a role as "aldo".

- posted by sarah : 6:09 PM


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