Mar 24, 2010

Torontoist gets Back in the Hall

"Well before Broken Social Scene, Toronto birthed its most formidable indie collective: The Kids in the Hall." To celebrate their return to television, Torontoist sat down for interviews with each of the Kids. Along with discussing the original series and "Death Comes to Town", Scott talks a bit about his cancer treatment and Dave shares a few more details about the pilot he is co-writing with Kevin.

Check out all five interviews:


Death Comes to IFC!

American fans can finally begin the countdown... IFC has acquired "Death Comes to Town" and it will premiere in August 2010. "Death" will join a series from another sketch comedy veteran (David Cross of Mr. Show, Arrested Development) called "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret".

Here is IFC's announcement:

Also, here is a piece from NYTimes' David Itzkoff about IFC's new comedic plans that includes a "Death" mention:

And while US folk can't watch the full episodes posted on the CBC's website, you can spend the five month wait enjoying Hockey Night in Shuckton.


Jan 12, 2010

Satirical comics/actors Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald have signed with Canadian indie producer No Equal Entertainment to develop and star in a half-hour 1980s nostalgia comedy for Canwest Global Communications Corp.


Jan 8, 2010

Death Comes to Town press round-up:

And bonus for Toronto fans: Free preview screening on Monday 1/11!


Jan 5, 2010

We post all the good stuff here now. Upcoming events that I'm too lazy to link to include: KITH screening of "Death Comes to Town" + Q&A with the Kids in Toronto on 1/11; Dave performing at SF Sketchfest with Paul F Tompkins on 1/15 and 1/16.


Jan 4, 2010

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Happy birthday, Dave. You continue to bring us joy.


Dec 16, 2009

Dave talks to AV Club about his various roles, up to and including Death Comes to Town.


Dec 12, 2009

Dave interview in Vanity Fair.


Dec 11, 2009

The website for "Death Comes to Town" is up - get to know the residents of Shuckton!

This had better air in the States, dammit.


Dec 8, 2009

Thanks to Lucy for passing on this fantastic interview with Dave from

Although he's being funny here... The series has yet to be sold in the U.S., but it will likely end up on cable. "They're shopping it now," he says. "I think there needs to be a massive letter-writing campaign. I think the press has to galvanize the public. This has to be the biggest social movement since the Vietnam War protests. If we can get a million people on the [National] Mall then maybe the Kids in the Hall will be on American TV."

... I think the more buzz and excitement there is about this thing, the better.


Dave interviewed in the Albuquerque Examiner for "The Strip.

Also - tonight "Prep and Landing" airs on ABC at 8:30 - Dave stars as the voice of Wayne.


Dec 7, 2009

Adam Sternbergh postulates that Kids in the Hall were the last great sketch comedy troupe, that the internet killed sketch comedy, and that, with Death Comes to Town, KITH may be back to save it. Wow, man.



Dec 4, 2009

Scott talks about kicking cancer's sorry ass this year.


Dec 2, 2009

Prep and Landing, starring Dave, was pre-empted last night because of President Obama's speech and will be airing on Tuesday, 12/8 at 8:30 pm on ABC.


Nov 30, 2009

A friend sent me this MP3 of Dave on Dennis Miller's show.


Nov 27, 2009

Dave appears to be in a Canadian (TV?) movie called Cooper's Camera. Read about it here.


Nov 25, 2009

Prep and Landing, the new Disney animated holiday special that Dave co-stars in as the voice of Wayne the Elf, airs on ABC on Tuesday, Dec 1 at 8:30 (and will be available for streaming on the following day.) Set your DVRs!


Nov 24, 2009

A kindly Canadian fan recorded from his computer screen so us sad Americans can see the DCCT trailer to: here's the link!


If you're in Canada, you can watch the trailer for Death Comes to Town on the CBC website!

If not, you (like me) are out of luck.


Nov 17, 2009

Dave's on The New Adventures of Old Christine again - CBS, Wednesday, 11/18, 9 pm - enjoy!


Sep 30, 2009

Dave to voice an elf in upcoming ABC holiday special.


Sep 9, 2009

Bruce talks "Death Comes to Town" with Entertainment Weekly.

And if you're not reading Mark's updates on the Facebook page, you make me sad.


Sep 1, 2009

Funny interview with Dave (and Bobby Fargo) in the LA Examiner.


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