Jul 26, 2007

1. Cool article about "Carpoolers".

2. Oddly-placed but amusing Dave quote in an article about personal assistants:

Canadian comic Dave Foley says he's never had a personal assistant but admits that the one time he considered it, he was driven by ego.

"It was mostly because I wanted to date the person I was trying to hire," Foley says. "She is now my wife."

Foley says assistants are often a legitimate, and necessary, hire, especially when fame and stardom transform a performer from mere individual to mini-coroporation.

Besides, if you can afford it, it's a valid perk of being a star.

"It's nice to have somebody who will make all the phone calls that you don't want to make and ask all the favours that you don't want to ask," says Foley.

"And on top of that, (you) have somebody to blame for everything. That's nice. Who wouldn't want that?"
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Jul 22, 2007

More KITH-in-Montreal articles roundup:

Article about the reunion show in the Halifax Daily Mail.

Our old friend Jim Slotek says "another tour is pretty much a no-brainer". (I'm not so sure about that, from what Mark told me on Friday night, but they are definitely talking about doing more one-off shows in various places, including possibly Toronto...)

The Globe and Mail has a nice interview with all 5 of them.

And I'll review both the KITH show and Hammy and the Kids on my own blog shortly (I'm not quite home yet) - but suffice to say, these guys still have it, maybe more than ever, and it would suit the world very well if they would tour again.

And this asshole at the Montreal Gazette gets it completely wrong.

This Brit gets it right, though!


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